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23min of Ska : Vesper Lynd


Alright Bond fans, I bet you’re all looking at that image for this episode and saying “Why are you calling this episode “Vesper Lynd?” That’s clearly a photo of Honey Rider!” And I’ll say “You’re not wrong… but in reality is a photo of Ursula Andress, who yes, played Honey in “Dr. No” but this is from when played Vesper in the original “Casino Royale,” so there!” Then we can debate if that should be counted as a true Bond movie or not. At any rate, here’s a bunch of fantastic ska music, so listen to that instead of debating me about spy movies, okay? You know these bands all rule, right? So get ta listenin’! Looks like I won this imaginary argument with the power of music. Rad.

00:00 – Viernes 13 – Let Me Tell You (Thirteen Rules ’15)
04:50 – Two Tone Club – True and Big Love (Now is the Time ! ’07)
09:12 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Hi-Ball (Fat Footin’ ’95)
13:05 – the Kingpins – Matchbook (plan of ACTION ’00)
15:29 – the Doped Up Dollies feat. Maddie Ruthless – Righteousness  (the New Way Out ’16)
18:19 – the Untouchables – Wild Child (Wild Child ’85)

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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’80s : Side B (part 1)


And here we are, kicking off the second side of this virtual 90min ’80s ska mix tape. Here’s a lot more familiar bands for current ska listeners, heck some of these bands are still together and out there playing great music to anyone who cares to listen! On that note, I’d like to thank you for listening as well, all ya’ll are the best!

00:00 – the Toasters – Pool Shark (Skaboom! ’87)
03:41 – Bette Bright – Hello I am Your Heart (the Rhythm Breaks the Ice ’81)
06:40 – Ak Band – Pink Slippers (Pink Slippers / Skegaway ’80)
09:08 – Casino Royale – Someone Says (Soul of Ska ’88)
14:08 – Madness – Cardiac Arrest (Seven ’85)
16:46 – the Untouchables – Mandingo (Wild Child ’85)
19:55 – Mark Foggo’s Skasters – Lucky to be Alive (Ska Pig ’89)

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