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23min of Ska : the Stubborn Records Special!


cover photo: John McGall

I wish I could say that this episode is a trip down memory lane, that I’m just playing you all the cool shit I was into back in the late ’90s, specifically the stuff from Stubborn Records… but alas, I ain’t that cool. I don’t know how Stubborn was such a blind spot to me for so long, but they were, and I really didn’t start exploring their catalog until the mid-’00s. And man or man there was a wealth of fantastic stuff to find and listen to! Bless King Django for bringing us this label and allowing it to get all of us some very fine fine music to listen to!

00:00 – Skinnerbox – I Got to Know (Hepcat Season / I Got to Know ’98)
02:43 – Rocker-T and the Version City Rockers – I Have to Say (Nicer by the Hour ’98)
05:39 – Vic’s Pick – Gravity (Version City ’98)
07:53 – the Radiation Kings – Spending Time (Early Years ’99)
11:53 – King Django and the Forthrights – Anywhere I Roam (Anywhere I Roam / Other People ’09)
15:06 – Hub City Stompers – Ska Ska Black Sheep (Ska Ska Black Sheep ’09)
16:50 – the Snails – the River (the River ’12)
20:32 – the Screw-Ups – Reach Out (No Time to Waste ’16)

Visit Stubborn Records to find more great music : stubbornrecords.com

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