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23min of Ska : Green Tea

23skaGREENTEABlah blah blah show information. Something like that, right? Anyway, so yeah, these are words. A way for me, the silent host of this podcast to reach out and try to make a connection with you, the listener. All I’ve ever wanted to say to you is live your life and thanks for putting some ska in your ears. That’s it. Hope you’ve found some bands from this podcast. Also, if you dig it, tell your friends. I mean, you’re cool so they must be too. And that’s a good thing. Only cool people are allowed to listen to this show.

00:00 – the Waffle Stompers – the Grass Isn’t Getting Any Greener (Therapy Songs ’17)
02:47 – the Slackers – Bin Waitin (Close Your Eyes ’03)
06:40 – the Holophonics – I Ran (So Far Away) (MaSkarades Vol. 11 : Awesome 80s ’17)
10:07 – the Pietasters – Something Better (Oolooloo ’95)
13:37 – the Bakesys – Grass is Greener (Animated Violence ’94)
16:09 – King Kong Girio – You’ll Come Back Soon (Now that I’m Gone ’13)
18:49 – Soul Radics – Can I Change My Mind (Radication ’16)

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23min of Ska : Story Book

What’s the story fellow ska fans? I’ve got a fine new batch of songs ready to go! Oddly enough when I started this episode every song was from 1997 and 1998, but as the days went on I found more and more great bands that I just had include! Some of these I got by being super sneaky and stalkery on facebook, others I found when I went looking for new songs by other bands and happened to see mentions of these fine bands. Seriously, four of these bands I didn’t even know about until this month! The current state of ska continues to surprise and delight me. I couldn’t be happier to be putting together podcast for you guys every 11ish days, I hope you all continue to enjoy listening to this as I do making it!

the Heat Machine – 10 Things I Hate About Your Boyfriend (No Coast Dance Party ’09)
the Waffle Stompers – the Genius Behind Being a Fool (Black on Black ’08)
Hepcat – No Worries (Right on Time ’98)
Victor’s Lament – Living for Today (Victor’s Lament EP ’09)
Survay Says! – Tomorrow or Today (Well… Here it is! ’10)
the Agents – Long Time (401 ’00)
Critical Mass – It doesn’t Really Matter (Give it Up, Let it Go! ’97)

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