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23min of Ska : You’re Wondering Now…

This episode is full of true blue friends, fantastic acquaintances, a few online pals, and total strangers who’ve always done right by me & the show. One song I think is absolutely beautiful, and another one reduced me to tears the first time I heard it. Honestly, a lot of the tracks on this episode are contenders for former, but the latter is a rare song indeed.

00:00 – Razika – Taste My Dream (Program 91 ’11)
03:01 – the Pomps – Heart Flipper (Bottom of the Pomps ’23)
07:20 – the What Nows?! – When Will You Die? (GIANTS- A Ska Punk Tribute to They Might Be Giants comp ’22)
09:32 – Night Gaunts– Sunday (Conversations with Creation ’15)
13:12 – Corey Dixon and the Zvooks – Goodbye so Long (Come and Go ’01)
16:40 – the Slackers – I’ll Stay Away (Close Your Eyes ’03)
20:29 – King Kong 4 – It’s Quittin’ Time! (Songs for Olly ’18)

Save it to yr hard drive while there’s still time!

23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix