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23min of Ska : the Black Butcher Special Issue!

23skaBLACKBUTCHERGuten Tag! Welcome to another in our label spotlight series! On this episode, we cover songs from the German label Black Butcher Records, which was a sub-label of Mad Butcher Records. Not only was it home to German ska bands, but also Italian, American and Canadian ska acts as well! Be sure to check them out, because there is a ton of quality music from them available for your listening pleasure!

00:00 – Scrapy – Sad Nights in Soho (Unsteady Times ’99)
03:56 – Enjoint – Jamaican Sound (Skankin’ Twins ’00)
07:57 – Skaliners – Me and the Doc (Steal the Music ’05)
12:06 – Umbrella Bed – Narcissus (Go ’08)
14:45 – the Zvooks – Missed My Chance (Lessons Learned ’03)
18:53 – the Orobians – Starsky & Hutch (Oropulp ’18)

Visit Black Butcher Records to find more great records! madbutcher.de

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23min of Ska : You Gotta Bust it Up

23ska-redplaidYou can’t sit idle. You have to go out and make a difference in this world. Don’t apologize for the fact that the way to creation is always destruction. Get out there and tear down what doesn’t work and build it up with something better. At least add something positive to this mess. This is the world, and it is cold and harsh and violent, and sometimes you have to react in a like manner. Then again, I never said you had to be such a serious sour puss about it. This podcast is one of the small things I do on a weekly basis to try and make the world a tad easier to take for myself and anyone who cares to listen. Destroy then rebuild or just add, but don’t sit and watch the world pass you by.

the Shifters
– Who’s Gonna Pay (Limited Edition Tour CD ’13)
Dan Potthast – Dangerous (Songs for School ’13)
Umbrella Bed – Wish That it Would Stop (Refill ’13)
Less Than Jake – Give Me Something to Believe In (See the Light ’13)
the Agents – Good Foot (401 ’00)
Class Action – Rise Up (An Extra Bar of the Wrong Song ’12)
the Peanut Vendors – Brand New Old Goals (Why Rock When You Can Steady ‘n’ Roll? ’09)

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