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23min of Ska : Operation : Zero Tolerance

23skaZEROTOLERANCEEver feel like you’re trapped? As if you’ve been sewn into a life you never chose for yourself? I got news for you pally, that’s practically all of us! Now worries, if you try, you’ll find yourself. Sure, you might have to wander a desert of doubt before you can get where you need to go, and hell, a few friends just might be out there too and you can help better each other. That’s how life works. Don’t just take it, make it.

00:00 – Royal City Riot – Nobody Knows (Coast to Coast ’09)
03:56 – Party Like It’s… – Clockwork Lover (Clockwork Lover ’16)
06:45 – Uncle Joel’s Comb – Hate Me Please (Tubular ’12)
10:30 – the Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio – When Time is Running Out (My Favorite Heart to Break ’15)
13:16 – the Bruce Lee Band – Generations (Everything Will be Alright, My Friend ’14)
15:10 – Abraskadabra – Weight of a Planet (Fun as in Fungus ’14)
18:28 – Stand Out Riot – Get Mutual! (the Gentleman Bandits ’11)

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23min of Ska : Kick Start My Heart

23ska roofI’m a fan of Kickstarter, have been for a long long time, pretty much since I’d heard of it back in ’09, and in my time I’ve backed mostly music projects, and of those mostly ska projects. I like being able to support the bands I love as direct as I possibly can, also, I like to support newer acts that just need that last bit of cash to get the record out. Here’s 8 songs from 8 bands that I have personally thrown down cash for. Trust me, you’re going to love this episode! No need to thank me, I’d’ve just spent that money on ska somehow anyway.

Big D & the Kids Table – Shit Tattoos (Stomp ’13)
the Shifters – She’s so Fine (In It! ’12)
Rude King – Remember (It’ll Probably be Alright ’13)
Something to Do – Man in the Black Sedan (Music for Fine Dining ’12)
PapaFish – 1 to 10 (the Lab ’13)
Uncle Joel’s Comb – Better Together (Tubular ’12)
the Loose Ties – Awesomer Than You (Champ of the Week ’12)
the Scotch Bonnets – Live Ya Life (Live Ya Life ’13)

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23min of Ska : Goodbye to Old Love

23ska-bwplaidWhat sucks? Love? No, love is awesome. If you don’t have awesome love, I feel sorry for you, cuz brother, that ain’t love. If you must call it that, call it old love and kick it to the curb, it ain’t doing you no good. Now get out there and embrace some new and awesome love, come on, you dig ska music, you totally deserve it!

the Amphetameanies – Goodbye Boyfriend (Now! That’s What I Call… ’06)
the Snails – Fallin’ Too Fast (the River ’12)
Corey Dixon & the Zvooks – All the Wrong Places (Calm Down ’01)
Show Me Island – Really Wanna Know (MV:MMXII ’12)
MU330 – Lied To (Ultra Panic ’02)
the Heat Machine – 7 Minutes of Girls Gone Wild (No Coast Dance Party ’09)
Uncle Joel’s Comb – Making a Scene (Tubular ’12)
Save Ferris – What You See is What You Get (Modified ’99)

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