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23min of Ska : Skaliath

Sometimes you get an idea for an episode and you just have to go for it… right? Well I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did when putting it together.

00:00 – Coolidge – We’re Alright (Condition Transmission ’21)
03:11 – Dan P. & the Bricks – Older Now (When We Were Fearless ’18)
06:11 – Hans Gruber and the Die Hards – You’re Being Watched (With a Vengeance ’22)
07:58 – Unscandal – Get Up (Forca! ’08)
11:28 – Fishbone – ? (Modern Industry) (Fishbone ’85)
15:40 – Johnny Socko – I Gotta Go (live) (Triple Live ’02)
18:00 – Bandog – House of Fun (Gangska ’97)
19:59 – Booboo’zzz All Stars ft. Guive – It’s Not Unusual (Studio Reggae Bash ’17)

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23min of Ska : Samurai

23skaSAMURAIHere’s a little something different to break up the monotony of your day. I hope that you dig this episode as much I did while getting it together. We all must remember that a break from the usual can be beneficial, heck, getting away from our regular routine can sometimes bring us the biggest joy in life. So, take a break, take a right instead of a left, order something different off the menu, it’s only once, and you just might enjoy it!

00:00 – OreSkaBand – Shall We Dance (オレスカバンド ’07)
02:51 – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Return of Supercharger (Walkin ’13)
07:07 – POTSHOT – Time (Pots and Shots ’97)
09:44 – the Ska Flames – Cool Smoke (Ska Fever ’89)
13:21 – Yum!Yum!Orange – Welcome to the Wonderland (Orange Street 33 ’02)
16:52 – Unscandal – Feel so Good (1.2.3!!!! ’03)
18:57 – PUNK SKA UNITY – Decision (Decision ’11)

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Bonus : Five Coloured Rings

I don’t really get caught up in Olympic fever, sports aren’t really my thing. Saying that, I’ve always thought that the idea of the entire world converging in one spot was pretty damn cool. Even if it was sport related. So, in the spirit of gathering things from around the world, I have an awesome, highly international (because that’s the point) episode for you today. This podcast features bands from Greece, Australia, Korea, the USA, France, Japan, Sweden and Germany respectively. Enjoy it, I know I did discovering these bands and putting this together.

the Smoking Barrels – Modulation (Unfinished Business ’11)
the Resignators – Booze & Tattoos (See You in Hell ’10)
Witches – 떳다!!그녀!! (Ddota!! Kunyo!!) (Broomstick ’02)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Cowboy Coffee (More Noise & Other Disturbances ’91)
65 Mines Street – Brand New Spring (65 Mines Street ’10)
Unscandal – 月の明かりにてらされて (Strike ’00)
Mobster – Colourblind (Rough & Ready ’10)
Wisecräcker – Porque te vas (the Pact ’10)

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