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23min of Ska : Side Friction

23skaCOASTER6Half awake.
Up late mixing.
Hoping you’ll all dig this batch of ska & ska/punk.
Hoping you’ll all follow the links and find out more about each band.
Hoping you’ll all have a fantastic week until I drop more dope music on you.
I love ska.
I love you all.
Stay safe.

00:00 – the Interrupters – Not Personal (Fight the Good Fight ’18)
02:02 – the Makeways – It Ain’t You (Full Spectrum’17)
06:03 – Victory Kid – Clownin (Thrillenials ’18)
08:45 – Skaciety – No Hope for the Future (Overstaying Our Welcome ’18)
11:29 – Half Past Two – At Least be Decent (Camp Slushtone ’17)
14:37 – Last Edition – Last Orders (Best Foot Forward ’16)
18:11 – the Slackers – Let’s Work it Out (Lost and Found ’09)
20:56 – Goldfinger – a Million Miles (the Knife ’17)

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