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23min of Ska : Sydney Bristow

23skaBRISTOWHere’s one for my ska/punk and “third wave” ska listeners! Get after it, it’s some fantastic rave-up kind of sound on the episode. Of course, I cool it down a bit before it’s over, just to let you off easy after the first 2/3rds. Full disclosure, Watashi Wa Dance Party is a punk band that sometimes does ska/punk, I think they do it pretty damn well, I hope all you listeners do too!

00:00 – the Siren Six! – Got to be Something (Young and Professional ’98)
02:35 – Watashi Wa Dance Party – Ruminating (Character Volume II : Wade ’17)
04:43 – King Kong 4 – Profile of a New Elite (More Than a Plate Full ’17)
07:51 – Abraskadabra – Catching Fog (Welcome ’18)
10:01 – Death of Guitar Pop – Whatever Gets You Outta the House (69 Candy Street ’17)
13:29 – the Ladrones – Mr. PC (Salve ’18)
15:54 – the Forthrights – Abilene (the FORTHRIGHTS ’12)
19:24 – Goldfinger – the Only One (Hello Destiny ’08)

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