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23min of Ska : Maybe Try Bucking the System

23ska-redplaidTradition is great, but sometimes it can strangle you and hold you back. You need to know when “this is how it is, how it was & how it will be” is to be heeded and when it needs to be neglected. It’s a big distinction and will help you well in life once you know the difference. As always, good luck out there in the world, it can be a horrible place when oppression is afoot.

Kill Lincoln – That’s Cool… in a Totally Negative & Destructive Way (That’s Cool… in a Totally Negative & Destructive Way ’13)
My Superhero – Big Thursday (Solid State 14 ’97)
Stop the Presses – 9 Ft Tall (eSKAndalo! ’13)
the Siren Six! – Stand Still (the Voice with the Built in Promise ’97)
We Are The Union – Live Like Mitch (You Can’t Hide the Sun ’12)
Abraskadabra – Guacamole (Grandma Nancy’s Old School Garden ’12)

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23min of Ska : It Could be Great

23ska roofSince I last left you I spent a week on vacation. Not just on vacation, but sick. Yes, I was sick on vacation. It sucked. I’m supposed to be relaxing, getting some sun and hanging out on the beaches or something. Instead I’m stuck inside. Boo! On the upside I got a bit more time to jam out to a bunch of forgotten and new songs on my ipod, which resulted in this exact episode. Good stuff that all should’ve been used in a episode before now. So enjoy this, I know that I did while I was coughing up a lung in a darkened hotel room.

the Valuables
– Habits (the Valuables ’10)
the Skints – Rat-at-at (Part & Parcel ’12)
Pressure Cooker – Hold On (What She Wants ’08)
We Are the Union – 415 in Progress (You Can’t Hide the Sun ’12)
Take A Hint – Humanity Crime (TAH EP! ’12)
Small Town Get Up – Sandcastles (Mayhem Circus ’11)
Sunny Side Up – Anthems for an Underdog (Sunny Side Up ’11)

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Midweek Ska World Update

Don’t Read That, Read This
LA Weekly has a great write up about the Delirians and the resurgence of ska in Los Angeles.

New / Cheap Music
Sonic Boom Six’s new single “Keep On Believing” is now available if you’re in the UK.
Jump Up Records has a sale going on where you can get 7 LPs for only $35 while supplies last.
Tomorrow is Download Day at Community Records feat. Stuck Lucky and other bands.
The Amphetameanies put out a new video for their song Nothings OK.
Last year No Such Noise released their EP on vinyl, get it while you can!
Ska/punk band After the Fact is offering the deluxe version of their “Super Scary Senarioes” EP at a cost of what ever the heck you wanna pay them for it.
Hit up the Pragmatics, they just shared a few new songs on their ReverbNation page.

Spend the rest of this month tracking down Kill Lincoln as they cross the snow to rock you.
Sonic Boom Six look to be all over the UK & Ireland for the rest of the month.
Dave Wakeling’s version of the (English) Beat are still running around America for the next three months.
March looks like a busy month in the Midwest for the Pinstripes.
Five Iron Frenzy just announced some tour dates starting in late March.
Big D just dropped a handful of North East & Canadian tour dates in March & April.
The Resignators are running all around their native Australia in April.

Relevant Kickstarter/BigTunes Campaigns
Sammy K & the East Los Three are even closer to their goal, this album is going to be a ripper, check it out.
Blame Sydney is so close to their goal, check it out, will you?
Urban Pirate Records wants to get out a 5 piece 7″ set w/ a whole mess of great ska bands, it’s at 50%, let’s push it over the line.

Sad News
Looks like We are Union are going on hiatus. Well, suck…