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23min of Ska : You Call It Vol. 19

23skaBEERSIt’s another episode where my helpful listeners have suggested the music for! I like this one quite a bit, lots of great songs on it. It’s been a rough week for me, so all of your help has been pretty much essential in helping to get this episode out. I literally cannot do this podcast without the bands, or all you helpful listeners, so I appreciate all who took the time to make suggestions these last few weeks to help another top-notch episode get out to all your lovable rude little ears.

00:00 – the Untouchables – Be Alright (Latest & Greatest: Ghetto Stout ’00)
02:42 – Joker’s Republic – Separation of Chuch and Skate (Separation of Chuch and Skate ’20)
05:30 – the Sheldons – No Way (the Sheldons ’19)
09:17 – You Dirty Rat – Rattitude (Latrine ’18)
12:09 – Souvenir Atómico – Esclavo del Sistema (Souvenir Atómico ’17)
15:48 – Black Square – Discord (To the Hills ’19)
20:11 – INDK – East Coast Rising (Kill Whitey! ’02)

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