Session Three (2012)

The third year of the 23min of Ska podcast ran throughout 2012 along with a monthly interview episode, all with three word titles. This was also the year that the Grandpa’s Casino record label started, a label made to support the American ska scene.

Session Three
Ska Won’t Die! : January 26th

Oh yeah, back with the first new full music episode of 2012! We have a lot here! A bunch of newer songs and a bit of older stuff thrown in.

Doubled Up Vocals : February 9th
Here’s a fine collection of ska where you get two people singing lead! It is like 2 episodes in one for you here! Whatta a bargain!

23skaCHESSHow Pieces Move : February 23rd
Step up to play! Life is a game, so have fun before the board gets folded up and put away. Somedays I can get so pretentious about life and music, but I just need to step back and remember how everything is supposed to be. Don’t get so hung up on things, remember life is what you make of it, don’t get hung up on things, play the game.

And Also Featuring : March 8th
What do we all need. Ok, except for food, drinks and good music, what do we all need? Friends, that’s right, friends. So why do anything alone when we can do it with some good friends. And if we have enough, why not call over a few more? That’s exactly what was happening here, some great groups producing some great music with that little something extra. That is, an extra special guest on the song.

Let’s Do This : March 22nd
Indeed, let’s do this! Let’s do this episode! Let’s start dancing! Let’s start doing everything! So get out, get up in it and have a great time! Start something and start it today! Come on, let’s do this! It is another fine collection of music for you to enjoy listen to, that I had fun putting together, see, we’re all winning!

Something is Missing : April 12th
Bucking the trends and going against the grain. Doing what you want, without a worry about shame. I don’t care what people say and how they define ska music, I know what I know. There’s nothing missing in any of these great songs, even if some would have you believe that there is. If you guess what is missing easily, then you’ve been paying attention. If you never figure it out because it is all such awesome music, then you’re awesome too.

Help from Friends : April 26th
So I’m just minding my own business, trying to promote this podcast by invading people’s personal lives on twitter when a single delightful reply comes my way with about a half dozen suggestions on what I should be playing on this podcast. After a few exchanges back and forth about music, I came to learn about a ton of new bands that I’d missed and I had also made a new online pal. This ones for you Bezz, thanks, now everyone, rock out!

Friends of Mine : May 31st
So, once you’ve been a ska fan for long enough you make friends. I know I have, some friends for LIFE! But also some friends in bands. I was in a band that played along side ska and power pop bands regularly, so you know “inside the scene” friends. Friends that when you’d see each other outside a local show at a Denny’s or the local record shop or book store you’d stop and talk and hang out. You’d end up at the same parties and you were always glad to see them. You’d pay to go see them play if you weren’t on the bill that night, but they’d get you in free anyway. Those kinds of friends. They might not help you move, but they’ll always recognize you when they see you and will spend a few hours over drinks before either one of you moves far away from your hometown. Heck, they may even attend your wedding. So here it is, some true blue friends in legitimate ska bands! And even though I didn’t move from Peoria, IL until I got out to Los Angeles, I did spend a lot of time in Madison, WI and Indianapolis, IN to get to know those guys.

23ska-candyCandy is Dandy : June 14th
If you say you don’t like candy, I’ll tell you that you’re a liar. I don’t like any food more than candy. I’m in my thirties and I still go crazy for sweets and stuff. Nothings better than a huge Mr. Goodbar and a tall glass or Tang. So yeah, that’s what inspired this latest episode, candy, sweets, sugar, stuff like that. Man, oh man, do I like candy.

Liquor is Quicker : June 28th
I’ve been paying attention my little listeners, you all seem to like ska from the 90’s, female vocals, ska-punk and music from the US, Canada and the UK. This I can do. So I’m working it in more as we go on. I still gotta play what I love and that is newer ska from everywhere and some traditional ska, so let’s get this in balance!

23ska2ToneToo Much 2Tone : July 12th
I’ve never really thought about centering a whole show around a single label before, but if any record label deserves the honor of being the first, it has got to be the UK’s 2 Tone Records run by the Specials’ Jerry Dammers. This episode is also heavily influenced by a book my wife recently got for me for my birthday, “the Two Tone Story” by George Marshall. This book is a history of the label and the bands on the label. As I was reading it, it made me more and more want to go back and listen to those band and their early songs.

Sun Set Ska : July 26th
At the end of the day yesterday I was standing in line waiting for my car, that’s right, at 11:59 PM I was saying “Where the hell is my crappy car?” jokingly to a small crowd of ska fans. How did I know they were ska fans? Well, I’d just spend the last few hours dancing, drinking and singing along w/ this group of like minded individuals at the Summer of Ska tour. I can honestly say it was a great time! I haven’t been to a ska show on that level in a long time, and it didn’t disappoint!

Five Colored Rings : Aug 2nd
I don’t really get caught up in Olympic fever, sports aren’t really my thing. Saying that, I’ve always thought that the idea of the entire world converging in one spot was pretty damn cool.

23skaNegativeSarcastic Episode Title : Aug 9th
After two an a half years of constant and regular ska music updates I decided to give you a taste of some of the non-ska bands I listen to. That’s right, we have an alternative band from the late 90s, a new wave band from the 80s, a hip-hop/pop act from Japan, an awesome pop punk band, Boston’s answer to power pop mod music, a lo-fi disco punk band out of Scotland, an 80s hit maker/machine and a side project band from the pop geniuses in XTC. That’s right, not a single ska band in the bunch! So take a listen to this, it is all so great! I mean, really for none of these bands being ska bands, they turn in some awesome music… that sounds almost like… wait a minute…

Prepackaged Revolutionary Soundtrack : Aug 30th
Coming at you with a new episode. I like these songs. I don’t have much to say other than how much I dig these songs.

Excuse Me Mister : Sept 13th
In honor of my awesome cat Mr. Pants here is a whole bunch of songs for the Misters! There is a lot of absolute classics in here!

an Early Delivery : Sept 20th
BAM! When you least expect it, here’s a full on music episode! Time to get down and dance! A lot of newer stuff going down here too!

Government Cover Up : Oct 4th
After several requests, the theme this month is, ta da, cover songs! I’m not a big fan of ska cover songs, mainly because the idea always seems to be born out of the idea that “this song is great, but what would make it better is a ska version!” and, as much as I love ska, I just don’t subscribe to that thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love cover songs (and if you haven’t been paying attention, I totally love ska too), especially when the covers are inventive or just fit in so well w/ the sound the band usually makes that you don’t even realize that it is a cover. So here are a bit of what I think of when I think of awesome ska cover songs.

…in Mid October : Oct 18th
Time for things to get a little darker… a little more… interesting… time for… ska! To be fair, it is always time for ska, and this week is no different. Another great selection of ska from around the world!

23skaBIGGambleBuried in Vinyl : Nov 1st
Back to the depths of my vinyl collection to come up with episode that is brimming w/ ska goodness! A truly international collection of great ska, from Scotland, Italy, Spain, USA and England. Is there some crackle? Yes, yes there is, but it all a part of the vinyl experience!

Make it Count : Nov 15th
Listen folks, I don’t care what you believe, personally, when it comes to this podcast, I just want to get you dancing, or at least bobbin’ your head at your office/put a small hop in your step while out on a walk, but I want you to remember, that these years are all we get. Life is a one time deal and we need not to waste it. We need to spend it pursuing meaningful relationships, entertaining ourselves and spreading joy. Drop needless hate and enjoy every moment you can.

the Tremendous Twelves : Dec 6th
There aren’t too many traditions on 23min of Ska, in fact some are very secret, but this is a well known one, around this time of year I make an episode comprised on of music made this year. This isn’t a “best of” this isn’t a “you may’ve missed” it is just 23 minutes of ska music that was released in the year twenty twelve. If you’re saying that good ska isn’t being made anymore, then listen to this, you may just be wrong!

Long Live Ska : Dec 28th
At the end of another year and getting ready for the next. What can I say to you, dear listener, other than thanks for being along for the ride! 2012 has been pretty damn awesome! Let hope that things continue in that direction! Now, let’s stop with the sap and start to dance!

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