Guardians of the Skalaxy – Awesome Mix Vol. 23

23min of Ska : …This is the End

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00:00 – Rude Girl Revue – My Way (Our Way: The Rat Pack Collection comp ’23)
04:08 – the Pomps – Gatekeepers (Alternate America ’17)
07:29 – Death Rosenstock – Leave it in the Ska (SKA DREAM ’21)
09:57 – Mike Park – Lose with Me (Wave Breaker #2 ’22)
12:04 – Coolidge – Luckiest Guy in the World (Condition Transmission ’21)
16:25 – Telethon – Cyan (Swim Out Past the Breakers ’21)
18:08 – Lo & the Magnetics – Shipwrecked Heart (A Part ’05)
20:46 – “You’re Wondering Now”

Art by Brian Bolland

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23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

The “You’re Wondering Now” Bands roster includes, in order of appearance:
Skanic, No Water Please, Andy and Joey, the Rabustos, los Fastidios, the Dualers, the PMR Ska Society, the Learners, the Rhythm Express, Banana Poyo, Dancing Mood, Carlene Davis, Skatune Network, Isaac et Nora, Lollypop Lorry, L’Home Llop & the Astramats, la Valentina Ska, KočevSKA Orkestra, Fuera Fondo & Sisa Féherová, Rude Six, the Carousels, and the Specials w/ the 23 Minute Choir
The 23 Minute Choir includes:
Michael DuFault AKA MicroD, Mark Simpson, Middagh Goodwin, Gordy Davidson, and Anthony Rondina

23min of Ska : …Now You Know…

In the early days you may have heard or been told a number of… contradictory stories about the nature and origin of the ska scene and about the reasons why 23min of Ska came into being.

We lied.

We are not at war, there is no competition.
This is a rescue operation.

00:00 – MU330 – Tune Me Out (Crab Rangoon ’97)
02:32 – Half Past Two – Curtain Call (Too Hectic! California Ska Punk comp ’21)
05:10 – Big D & the Kids Table – Toyed (DO YOUR ART ’21)
04:45 – the Skatoons – Tschüss (Einmal Ska Und Zurück ’03)
11:16 – the Third-Rates – Last One Out (See What Sticks ’21)
15:44 – Johnny Socko – Mix Tape (Johnny Socko ’02)
18:55 – Show Me Island – the Life (Show Me Island ’13)

Art by Brian Bolland

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23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

23min of Ska : …What To Do…

This past Monday was the 13th birthday of 23min of ska… that seems ominous!

When was the last time you heard a ska podcast that wasn’t put there by them?

00:00 – Lo(u)ser feat. the Ruffolos – Sound the Alarm (Sound the Alarm ’23)
02:40 – Stop the Presses – Finish Last (Money in the Bank ’19)
06:30 – Salome Fur – Game over (Scatter Lights ’21)
10:38 – the Inevitables – Over and Out (Over and Out ’21)
13:43 – Behind Deadlines – Fade Out (Farew ’22)
16:15 – the Amphetameanies – the Funeral Pyre (Gifted – A Tribute to the Jam comp ’17)
20:07 – Upbeat Allstars – Not Coming Back (Wake Up! ’12)

Art by Brian Bolland

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23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

23min of Ska : You’re Wondering Now…

This episode is full of true blue friends, fantastic acquaintances, a few online pals, and total strangers who’ve always done right by me & the show. One song I think is absolutely beautiful, and another one reduced me to tears the first time I heard it. Honestly, a lot of the tracks on this episode are contenders for former, but the latter is a rare song indeed.

00:00 – Razika – Taste My Dream (Program 91 ’11)
03:01 – the Pomps – Heart Flipper (Bottom of the Pomps ’23)
07:20 – the What Nows?! – When Will You Die? (GIANTS- A Ska Punk Tribute to They Might Be Giants comp ’22)
09:32 – Night Gaunts– Sunday (Conversations with Creation ’15)
13:12 – Corey Dixon and the Zvooks – Goodbye so Long (Come and Go ’01)
16:40 – the Slackers – I’ll Stay Away (Close Your Eyes ’03)
20:29 – King Kong 4 – It’s Quittin’ Time! (Songs for Olly ’18)

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23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

You Call It Vol. 23

It’s that time again, where you, my loyal listeners helped pick the bands and/or the songs for this episode. As always, if it’s lame, that’s on you all!

00:00 – Abandin All Hope – Liars and Deceivers (Victims of a Mockery ’08)
02:12 – Public Access – Hit Single (Fleeced ’05)
04:11 – VanBirros – Vo8 Rider (Vo8 Rider ’22)
07:33 – the NY Citizens – Lemon Jelly (Stranger Things Have Happened ’90)
09:55 – Trinidad Suave – D.U.I. (D.U.I. ’21)
15:02 – Mad Bomber Society – You Can’t Dance (Butchers, Stompers & Cheats ’12)
18:53 – Ska choco kick – End roll (End roll ’22)

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23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

23min of Ska : The End of the World… or a Cat on a Bowling Ball?

It’s late
I love you
Keep listening to ska

00:00 – Eichlers – SONGS ONLINE (SONGS ONLINE ’21)
01:26 – Monument Beach – I Still Play Ska (Ska Shack ’18)
05:13 – Flying Raccoon Suit – A Self Called Nowhere (GIANTS: A Ska Punk Tribute to They Might Be Giants comp ’22)
08:12 – the Kingpins – Do the Ska (Lootin’, Shootin’ and Wailin’ ’99)
12:05 – Backyard Superheroes – Last Chance (Never Give Up, Never Surrender! ’18)
14:36 – Skaos – Do the Ska (Catch This Beat ’89)
18:10 – Desmond Dekker & the Aces – Rude Boy Train (Rude Boy Train / Nothing for Nothing ’67)
20:21 – Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra feat. Angelo Moore – Jamaica Ska (Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites, Vol II ’15)

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23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

23min of Ska : Rickmancing the Ska

I created this episode 2 weeks ago, but I couldn’t upload it. That’s right, even with out internet I made the episode and I was trying to find a way to upload it and create art for it, and I just kept failing on those two fronts. So I tucked it away, ran the Holiday episode last week and now it’s back to business… Mr. Business… dammit! I just thought of that! I should’ve given the art a Bob’s Burgers theme! Oh well, too late, enjoy this schwifty episode, and that’s the waaaay the news goes.

00:00 – Rudebeard – A Mucky Fumble on a Pishy Auld Mattress (A Tale of Lockdown Love Against the Odds, Parts 1, 2 and 3) (A Mucky Fumble with Rudebeard ’22)
03:29 – For The Record – Are You Still Watching “the Office (U.S.)”? (Fake it Til You Make it ’22)
06:53 – the Bruce Lee Band – I’ll Feel Better (One Step Forward, Two Steps Back ’22)
08:51 – On Camera – American Entertainment (On Camera ’22)
12:17 – Space Monkey Mafia – It’s Always Sunny in Quarantine (It’s Always Sunny in Quarantine ’22)
14:51 – Skamanians – Love Boat (Ride Again ’14)
18:33 – Dr. Rocket and the Moon Patrol – TV Lover (Dr. Rocket and the Moon Patrol ’99)
20:38 – Cheatin’ at Solitare – Cheers! (Audrey ’20)

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23min of Ska is produced by RJ Phoenix

23min of Ska : Holiday Special!

Can you believe it? I got enough awesome internet scraped together to release an episode this week! Finding ska holiday songs, oh that was easy! There’s so much quality on that front out there! Go take a look, you’re bound to find more gems for yourself! Happy holidays everyone!

00:00 – the Pomps – Christmas is Melting Me (Arose Such a Clatter: Letters to Santa comp ’22)
04:14 – TAFB – X-Mas Songs (Maybe Next Year: A Totally Awesome Fun X-Mas ’09)
07:08 – Backyard Superheroes – I Want an Alien for Christmas (Arose Such a Clatter: Letters to Santa comp ’22)
09:10 – the Spectacles – Santa’s Beard (Hail Santa! comp ’18)
10:52 – Millington – Christmas Song (Don’t Wanna Hear Another) (Arose Such a Clatter: Letters to Santa comp ’22)
13:19 – Oklahoma Stackhouse – Bells in My Head (Requiem for a Sleigh Ride) (Bells in My Head (Requiem for a Sleigh Ride) ’20)
17:35 – the Scotch Bonnets – Winter Reggae Party (Ring the Bells / Winter Reggae Party ’21)
20:22 – Inokasira Rangers – Last Christmas (Last Christmas / Wonderful Christmas Time ’18)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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Thanks to Scott for providing Murphy for this episode!

23min of Ska : the Sound is Ska & Bold

This is the episode for you Stan and Francine! It’s ska from all over the world, and it’s fantastic! It didn’t need to get a doctorate to prove its worth!

00:00 – Mr. Kingpin – Lightening in a Bottle (Introducing… Mr. Kingpin ’21)
03:19 – the Kinky Coo Coo’s – Hunch Beat (Sweet, Fun & Ready ’13)
06:23 – the Overits! – Fight the Fights (the Overits! EP ’22)
09:30 – Jackie Mendez – Red Flags (Red Flags ’22)
12:18 – SKAЛЬПЕЛЬ – Если Я (ВОВРЕМЯ (preview) ’22)
14:48 – the Slackers – Shameboy (Don’t let the Sunlight Fool Ya ’22)
16:21 – the Bumpkins Ska Club! – Old Skool (From Rurality with Love (démo 2022) ’22)
18:36 – HOLYSOUL – Set the Pace (Backyard Diaries ’10)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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(no Spotify or Youtube links please)
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