Session Eight (2015)

Here’s the eighth session of 23min of Ska consisting of 23 episodes running from February 12th 2015 to later in 2015. I tried to name every episode after something to do with number eight. Didn’t work as well as I thought it would, but I still got a lot of quality episodes from the idea.

Session Eight

Chaos : February 12th, 2015
23skaCHAOSThings fall apart. Things go to hell. This is how the universe works. It is time to get used to it. Take this episode for example. I had no idea what I was going to do. I have been kinda sick all week and had few ideas, so yeah, I though this is going to be a tough one. It wasn’t. It was a breeze! It all fit together! And hey, look, two different songs w/ the same name, I surely didn’t plan that! Chaos rules!

00:00 – the A-OKs – When Life Give You Lemons, Make Bombs! (FunEmployment Benefits ’14)
03:38 – the Hotknives – Captain Chaos (Screams, Dreams & Custard Creams’00)
07:17 – Brooklyn Attractors – Entropy (Good Evil Alchemy ’14)
11:13 – the Pietasters – Drunken Master (Turbo ’02)
15:11 – Bruce Lee Band – North of Motague (Beautiful World ’05)
17:14 – Mrs. Skannotto – Entropy (Outlier ’14)


Crayons : February 19th, 2015
23skaCRAYONThis is the most colorful episode of the podcast that I’ve ever done! Enough with the puns, on w/ the great music! I hope you all like ska and ska/punk, cuz that’s all your getting. Sorry this write up is short, but I’m on my way to Texas for a wedding, fun time!

00:00 – Run and Punch – Soilent Green (No Loose Ends ’13)
02:22 – Drewvis – Purple (Disposable Pleasures & Meaningful Pursuits ’11)
05:29 – New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Red Eye (Step Forward ’08)
09:14 – Bim Skala Bim – Blue (How’s it Goin’? ’90)
13:07 – doctormanette – Orange Juice (Dew Unto Others ’96)
15:01 – Reel Big Fish – Brown Eyed Girl (Fame, Fortune & Fornication ’09)
18:32 – Mephiskapheles – Introduction to the Yellow Passion (Maximum Perversion ’97)
20:16 – Black Square – Black Square (Black Square ’11)


To be updated soonish….

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