23min of Ska : …This is the End

Thank you for listening.

00:00 – Rude Girl Revue – My Way (Our Way: The Rat Pack Collection comp ’23)
04:08 – the Pomps – Gatekeepers (Alternate America ’17)
07:29 – Death Rosenstock – Leave it in the Ska (SKA DREAM ’21)
09:57 – Mike Park – Lose with Me (Wave Breaker #2 ’22)
12:04 – Coolidge – Luckiest Guy in the World (Condition Transmission ’21)
16:25 – Telethon – Cyan (Swim Out Past the Breakers ’21)
18:08 – Lo & the Magnetics – Shipwrecked Heart (A Part ’05)
20:46 – “You’re Wondering Now”

Art by Brian Bolland

Save this podcast, even though saving is what misers do.

23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

The “You’re Wondering Now” Bands roster includes, in order of appearance:
Skanic, No Water Please, Andy and Joey, the Rabustos, los Fastidios, the Dualers, the PMR Ska Society, the Learners, the Rhythm Express, Banana Poyo, Dancing Mood, Carlene Davis, Skatune Network, Isaac et Nora, Lollypop Lorry, L’Home Llop & the Astramats, la Valentina Ska, KočevSKA Orkestra, Fuera Fondo & Sisa Féherová, Rude Six, the Carousels, and the Specials w/ the 23 Minute Choir
The 23 Minute Choir includes:
Michael DuFault AKA MicroD, Mark Simpson, Middagh Goodwin, Gordy Davidson, and Anthony Rondina

2 responses to “23min of Ska : …This is the End

  1. Wow, so this really is the end? Nice way to end the podcast though.

    Thank you so much for all the excellent episodes, you helped me discover a lot of great ska bands I didn’t know!

    I’ll keep following you on Bandcamp, hope I can keep discovering great new ska records that way. 😉

    • Thanks for listening! The bandcamp purchasing may slow down a bit that I’m now not buying music for the show. I’m still dropping a weekly list of recent ska releases on reddit.com/r/ska and doing On The Upbeat which should assist in finding new bands. Or find and follow me on Spotify… which I’m not a fan of the site, it does seem to help w/ spreading the word.

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